Thomas Cherickal
Information Technology Consultant at undefined
Chennai, India


Working as a consultant for an AI / RPA startup.

English (English)
(Full professional proficiency)

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jupyter notebook
jupyter notebook(1 years)
pandas(1 years)
scikit learn
scikit learn(1 years)
python(1 years)
nlp(1 years)
scipy(1 years)
data visualization
data visualization(1 years)
machine learning
machine learning(1 years)
pytorch(1 years)
numpy(1 years)
keras(1 years)
data science
data science(1 years)

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Nov 2020 - Present (1 month)
Remote Current workspace
Currently Thomas Cherickal supports the

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Information Technology Consultant
Building the ultimate evolution of RPA with Sperar Tech.
python keras sklearn keras julia VB.NET gitlab numpy scipy pandas data visualization matplotlib data science jupyter notebook deep learning anaconda machine learning
3 years 10 months
Remote Current workspace
Currently Thomas Cherickal supports the Home

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Python/Julia (AI) Soft Computing Developer
Feb 2018 - Present (2 years 10 months)
Working as a freelance Python developer supporting myself while I work on my research thesis in Quantum Metaheuristics.
Python Julia C git github wordpress visual studio code
Feb 2017 - Feb 2018 (1 year)
Worked with AI and ML. Did courses in Python, ML, AI, and DL. Created a Project Coding Portfolio on GitHub.
Python, Julia, Open Source, Git Time management Self-Disciplined Constantly Upskilling
4W Technologies
Jan 2016 - Jan 2017 (1 year)
Chennai, India
Software Engineer
4W Software Technologies, Chennai (Platform: InterSystems Cache 2016) (Jan-2016 – Feb-2017) 1) In charge of developing 4W Version Control System for company use across 6 projects. Implemented a Subversion (SVN) add-in to Cache Studio IDE using Source Control hooks provided by InterSystems. 2) Was part of the interview board from the very first day of joining the company. Since then handled Round 3 (Technical Round) of the 4W four-round Recruitment Interview Process. (Round 4 (final) was the CEO). Notably, candidate final selection rates (by the CEO) went up from 10% to 80%. 3) Was selected to be Team Lead (TL) at the time of training itself. Handled the SurgiDat project for one year, for maintenance issues and solving problems for eight live project in-production locations from New Zealand to the USA. 4) Debugged a Linux proof-of-concept version of the SurgiDat project in case server changes were to be required due to prohibitive costs of proprietary server platforms and the success of open source software. 5) Automated the development, tests, and builds of the completed project on which maintenance was being done by creating scripts to automate builds resulting in an increase in project reliability and consistency. 6) Managed a team of ten people (seven developers, three testers) for one year running. Handled conflicts and disagreements between team members on multiple occasions. Developers and testers were at loggerheads often. 7) Debugging and fixing persistent bugs during teamwork or when aid was solicited. InterSystems Cache is a complete enterprise solution hence work varied from application to web to utility and open source development. 8) Helped with other projects in the company that had run up against serious bugs or unresolvable technical Issues. Debugged the SMTP functionality in a Java app, improved performance by profiling, and added unit tests.
InterSystems Cache 2016 Java c# SQL Subversion Code Hooks sql server


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Feb 2017 - Feb 2020
AI & ML Projects
python Julia scikit-learn sql git github visual studio code unit testing


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Loyola College, Chennai
Masters, Computer Science
Jun 2008 - Apr 2010
PG in CS and Soft Computing with Specialization in AI.


Thomas Mathew Cherickal
Nov 2019