Abhishek Iyengar
Mumbai, India

Code enthusiast with a passion for JavaScript Frameworks, Web Development and Python as preferred multi-purpose programming language. Ethical Hacking and Red-Teaming is my favorite side-activity alongside developing hacking scripts and freelancing for web-development.

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Anand Rathi Wealth Management
Feb 2022 - Mar 2022 (1 month)
Mumbai, India
Konsultera Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
10 months
Goregaon, India
Software Engineer
Aug 2021 - Feb 2022 (6 months)
Applied Research Intern
Apr 2021 - Aug 2021 (4 months)
Responsible for building secure API endpoints to server ML and AI models, while also helping develop React JS based frontend and ML models.
Sigaram Technologies
Feb 2021 - Apr 2021 (2 months)
Chennai, India
Software Developer
Working with PHP frameworks and React JS to develop web solutions.

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Chikitsak Samuhas Sir Sitaram and Lady Shantabai Patkar College of Arts and Science and V R Varde College of Commerce and Economics S V Road Goregaon West Mumbai 400 062
Master of Science - MS, Computer Science
Jan 2019 - Jan 2021
Delhi Public School, Ranipur
Bachelor's degree, Computer Science
Jan 2009 - Jan 2014
Swami Hariharanand Public School, Kankhal
Jan 2005 - Jan 2005
CutShort Certified Django - Advanced
Jan 2021
CutShort Certified Python - Advanced
Jan 2021
Advanced Google Analytics
Jun 2020

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