Tito Amoo
Lagos, Nigeria

Full-Stack Web developer with 5+ years of experience | Laravel Artisan | AI aficionado | TALLstack enthusiast | Coding instructor | MLH hacker . Young, tech-savvy budding entrepreneur with a vision of transforming the world, a bit at a time. Proficient at full-stack web development (including technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Alpine.js, Node.js, Express.js, jQuery, PHP, Laravel, Livewire, MySQL, Wordpress). Passionate about and exploring Artificial intelligence and machine learning

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Gigr instant work ltd
Jan 2022 - Feb 2023 (1 year 1 month)
Fullstack web developer
• Developed, tested, documented and maintained backend of web applications using PHP, Laravel and Laravel Livewire
• Developed and performed unit tests on web application functionality.
• Designed, implemented and improved UI & UX for web applications using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Alpine.js and TailwindCSS
• Developed logic of the web applications based on fresh coding or revamped logic from existing applications.
• Recommended and developed security measures in post-implementation analysis to reduce security vulnerabilities.
• Documented style guidelines to keep the design consistent across the team.

Laravel php tailwindcss mysql phpmyadmin phpunit alpine VueJS oop Object oriented programming unit testing design patterns
International School University Lagos
Sep 2016 - Mar 2018 (1 year 6 months)
Lagos, Nigéria
PHP and WordPress developer
• Helped develop and maintain official school website using HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, Wordpress
• Maintained Wordpress themes for application in the school’s website.
• Improved coding of JavaScript and CSS to enhance user experience and functionality.
• Optimized web code for greatly improved web performance
• Improved web code for better search engine optimization
• Validated, maintained and improved the structure, security and compliance of website code.
wordpress php phpmyadmin mysql jquery
May 2000 - Jan 2023 (22 years 8 months)
Senior Fullstack Web developer
Fladov is an AI-powered platform revolutionizing how local businesses connect with customers. Through advanced tools and services, it empowers micro, small and medium enterprises to efficiently launch, promote and grow their businesses.

Potential users can seamlessly discover relevant businesses through intuitive search capabilities. Businesses benefit from rich profiles that highlight offerings at a glance. Features like integrative messaging, bookings and reservations, reviews, payment system facilitate engaging transactions. Whether starting a venture or finding excellent neighborhood services, Fladov is the comprehensive solution business owners and patrons need to thrive.

Fladov is a centralized super app that brings together a powerful set of integrated features for boosting the finding, connection and engagement of businesses with customers and potential customers.

Fladov aims to become the premier all-in-one digital hub for micro, small and medium enterprises. Its robust yet intuitive interface delivers a versatile set of solutions to satisfy varied business needs. MSMEs can leverage Fladov's comprehensive features as their primary platform to strengthen their brands, streamline operations, and thrive in today's digital landscape.
Laravel php tailwindcss alpine.js livewire composer ai
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Mar 2022 - Oct 2023
Gigr instant work ltd
Helping trusted local companies meet their essential day-to-day hiring needs. Register and post your jobs now - you could be matching with jobseekers in minutes.
Laravel PHP tailwindcss Alpine.js mysql phpmyadmin
International School, University of Lagos official website
Mar 2016 - Aug 2016
International School, Unilag
Official website for the International School, University of Lagos
php Wordpress wordpress theming mysql phpmyadmin
Tito's tech blog
Aug 2022 - Present
My personal blog where I occasionally post tech related posts
wordpress php html

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University of Lagos
Computer Engineering, Computer Engineering
Sep 2021 - Present
Study Section Codeigniter 4.x (Foundation)
Dec 2021
Study section PHP Web Development (Foundation)
Aug 2021
Study section HTML 4.x (Foundation)
Aug 2021

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