Sudharshan TK
Business Intelligence Associate at PwC India
Chennai, India

Efficacious & Zealous 👨‍🎓

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PwC India
Mar 2022 - Present (1 year)
Chennai, Tamil Nadu Current workspace
Currently Sudharshan TK supports the PwC India

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Business Intelligence Associate
- Worked as a part of Oracle FCCS & ERP Implementation team.
- Developed artifacts starting from Metadata creation/updates, setting up Ownership module, catering to Intercompany eliminations in FCCS, designing web forms and data grids, creating validation accounts, Data locking.
- Experience in Oracle Data Management & Financial Reporting Studio
- Designed Multiple Statutory & MIS Reports Based on IND AS as required by the client.
Ford Rhodes Parks & Co. LLP
Mar 2019 - Mar 2022 (3 years)
Chennai, India
Article Assistant (Internship)
- Performed statutory audit, certifications, Tax and GST audits of financial statements of large corporate and non-corporate clients.
- Carried out Various GST assignments relating to Advisory & Compliances, including tax payments & Reconciliation (GSTR 2A to Books) Assignments.
- Filed Various Income Tax Returns from ITR 1 to ITR 7.
- Prepared Books of Accounts & Financial Statements as per Schedule III of Various Corporate Entities.
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Google Drive Clone
May 2020 - Present
A Vue Js Based G Index with Improved Dark Mode, Search and Video Player
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Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
CA, Accounting
Jan 2017 - Jan 2022
Currently Pursuing Ca Final, Last Step for becoming a Chartered Accountant
Sir Siva Swami Kalalaya
High School, Accounting and Business/Management
Jan 2015 - Jan 2017
Chettinad Vidyashram
Middle Schooling
Jan 2010 - Jan 2015
Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript
Jul 2021
Introduction to Programming Using Python
Jul 2021

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