Timur Shemsedinov
Chief Technology Officer at B-OS
Kyiv, Ukraine

CTO @ Salucyber, Lecturer @ Lecturer KPI and KSE, 3rd in Ukraine by Github followers, Open source software engineer, Chief architect at Metarhia (private cloud platform for Node.js enterprise level solutions, interactive and distributed apps). Community leader 27K engineers, speaker >50 conferences, have >200 video lectures on Youtube & 23K subscribers. Practical knowledge in Node.js, JavaScript, C#, SQL, Delphi, C, C++, Assembler, etc. Author & contributor of multiple open source projects.

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Nov 2021 - Present (2 years 5 months)
Portugal Current workspace
Currently Timur Shemsedinov supports the B-OS

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Chief Technology Officer
Sep 2020 - Present (3 years 7 months)
Kiev Metropolitan Area Current workspace
Currently Timur Shemsedinov supports the Salucyber

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Chief Technology Officer
SOE Infotech MIA
Jul 2018 - Jul 2019 (1 year)
Kiev Region, Ukraine
Chief Software Architect
Deputy director and Chief Software Architect of Unified Information System for Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Manage developers and business analysis / domain modelling engineers team, Writing conceptual code (prototypes and metacode), Open-source development, Code review and optimizations, Prepare staff (lectures, hiring, training), Technical specifications and architectural supervision.
architecture node.js postgresql javascript typescript

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Impress Application Server for Node.js
Apr 2013 - Present
Impressive totalitarian style Multipurpose Application Server for node.js. All decisions are made. Solutions are scaled. Tools are provided and optimized for high load. Ready for applied development and production.
system design ddd multithreading network programming parallel processing multithreading networking database design webserver tcp http websocket api faas saas cloud
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Darnitsa Technical Liceum
Specialized school, Automation and IT
Dec 1994 - Dec 1996
National Technical University of Ukraine "Kiev Polytechnic Institute"
Master, Computer Science
Dec 1997 - Dec 2003
Diploma: Master degree in computer science
Thesis Title:Development of a data model and kernel of an object-oriented database management system

Diploma: Bachelor degree in computer
Thesis Title: Development of a client-server distributed system technology and a remote procedure call protocol

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