Artem Smirnov
Senior developer at Sibintek
Moscow, Russia

I am young and enthusiastic about working and improving in robotics as part of a team of like-minded professionals.

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Oct 2019 - Present (2 years 10 months)
Moscow, Russia Current workspace
Currently Artem Smirnov supports the Sibintek

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Senior developer
* Development of software for software and hardware systems (unmanned aerial vehicle, charging station, telecommunication module, remote VPN-server)
* Development on Arduino for management few stepper motors
* Technical consultation of managers, contractors
* Monitoring trends of the global autonomous drone market and adjacent technological industries
* Development of telecommunication module hardware
* Making work plans
* Introduction of a version control system into the project
* Producing technical documentation
architecture drones systems
Laboratory of visualisation "Sphere"
Nov 2018 - Oct 2019 (11 months)
Moscow, Russia
* Development of software for syncing photo-, video- data.
* Development of architecture software and hardware systems (unmanned aerial vehicle, charging station, telecommunication module, remote VPN-server)
* Control and testing unmanned aerial vehicles
* Work coordination by technical thread with contractors
telecommunication architecture soft-developing
Copter Express
Aug 2017 - Oct 2018 (1 year 2 months)
Moscow, Russia
* Hardware integration on drones
* Development of software for new operating conditions
* Drone piloting tests
* CI&CD project integration
* Support of OpenSource project
* Configuring and testing in-door systems of navigations: Marvelmind, Optical flow, ArUco markers
ros ci/cd navigation

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Sep 2018 - Present
Tool for copy, chroot & resize Raspberry Pi images on amd64
qemu docker images
Sep 2018 - Present
Debian repository based on aptly and nginx
bash ngnix docker
Nov 2018 - Present
Sync a group of files w difficult access (PX4 logs, FlirDuo images & videos)
files synchronization asynchronous
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Samara University
Bachelor, Computer Programming
Sep 2012 - Jul 2017
StarLine, Saint Petersburg, Russia
3rd place at Hackathon Smart Car
Oct 2018
UWE, Bristol, England
1th place at MAAXX Europe competition
Mar 2018

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