Vaibhav Arora
Frontend Engineer at
Panchkula, India

I am Vaibhav Arora, people call me Vaibhu, currently working with a startup to have a journey full of learnings and accomplish objective as fast as possible. I am not tech freak, I just like the output it can generate. I used to love Maths subject, and from there I love solving some computational problems. I am always open to collaborating on projects and innovative/disruptive ideas.

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Jun 2021 - Present (1 year 9 months)
India Current workspace
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Frontend Engineer
Nov 2020 - May 2021 (6 months)
Frontend Engineer
CatalystOne Solutions
Jan 2016 - Oct 2020 (4 years 9 months)
Greater Mohali, India
Frontend Engineer aka Engineering Manager
I lead many projects, worked with different teams for different goals.
And helped with all the tech stack I mentioned here
javascript Angular microfrontend jquery html scss css
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BTech, Computer Science
May 2013 - Jun 2016

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