Serhii Vasylenko
Kyiv, Ukraine

I am a DevOps enthusiast from Ukraine: developer experience engineer at the moment and team leader in the past (and maybe in the future). Amazon Web Services is my day-to-day living place (it's not bad to live in clouds, though), but the working place is at Grammarly. I am fond of technical blogging, and I also create learning courses/materials.

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Grammarly Full-time
Nov 2020 - Oct 2021 (11 months)
Developer Experience Engineer
Making day-to-day work of developers more productive and agile by:
- Providing automation and tooling for routine SDLC procedures
- Enriching experience in Infrastructure, Automation, Observability areas
- Standardizing commonly used infrastructure components
Компьютерная школа Hillel (IT School) Part-time
Jul 2020 - Sep 2021 (1 year 2 months)
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Tutoring and coaching at "Hillel IT School." 🚀

Having classes of diverse people with different backgrounds and skillsets: sysadmins and developers from IT, students from the university, sales managers from retail. There is one common thing: they all want to know what DevOps is and how it works.
Teaching them how to work inside and with the development teams and use tools such as Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, and Docker, and how to think DevOps.

I believe it is a win-win for myself and my students: I can get a unique tutoring experience and fulfill my long-cherished dream of being a teacher, and my students can gain new jobs or promotions.
IT Craft Full-time
Mar 2017 - Jun 2020 (3 years 3 months)
Kharkiv Region, Ukraine
DevOps Team Lead
My personal biggest project in the company — my team. A skilled and highly-motivated team of engineers that sincerely cares about its work outcomes.
Key accomplishments:
- Created a team of engineers that completed more than 40 successful projects of different sizes;
- Team size growth: from 1 to 8;
- Tripled the number of shared projects with other departments by boosting of department reputation and team visibility within the company;
- Introduced DevOps as a Service business model in the department;
- Mentored senior and middle engineers from junior newcomers;
- Fostered the culture of ownership

- Transform team members’ mindset towards ownership culture;
- Keep the team motivated despite workload level: during peaks and drawdowns;
- Justification of the team’s advantages to the clients on the pre-sales stage.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
Mar 2020
HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate
Sep 2020
Sumo Logic Administration Certified
Jan 2021

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