Osinachi Chukwujama
Frontend Software Engineer at PATRICIA
Owerri, Nigeria

I am a full-stack developer who values good stories. I have 2+ years of experience developing websites. I have worked in engineering teams in several companies. I am well versed in software architecture. I keep a regular blog at where I write free tutorials and document my dev journey

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Generative CAD Services
Dec 2021 - May 2022 (5 months)
Industrial Trainee
Jul 2021 - Present (3 years)
Remote Current workspace
Currently Osinachi Chukwujama supports the PATRICIA

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Frontend Software Engineer
My job involves improving the ease of data access and manipulation on the payment processing system of Patricia applications.

My tasks and responsibilities are as follows:
- Set up the admin dashboard of the payment processing system of the Patricia applications which improved data access and management by 80% using React.js and TailwindCSS.
- Significantly improved the frontend resilience of the payment processing system which reduced app crashes in production by 80% by writing component and integration tests using Jest and Playwright.
- Significantly reduced runtime bugs in the production environment of the payment processing system by porting the JavaScript-based React application to TypeScript.
Mar 2021 - Present (3 years 4 months)
Chicago, Illinois Current workspace
Currently Osinachi Chukwujama supports the

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Technical Writer
- Improved developer success of software and data engineers by crafting how-to guides and tutorials on
data engineering topics.
- Built demos for technical articles using React.js, JavaScript, Docker, and Java.

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May 2020 - Present
Paycenter is the company's flagship product. It is used to collect customer's info and manage customers
react jest enzyme
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Federal University of Technology Owerri
B.Eng, Mechanical Engineering
Nov 2017 - Present
I studied mechanical engineering

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