Victor Hugo Arnaud Deon

Software engineer graduated from University of Brasília. Knowledge in requirements analysis, process modeling, software quality, project management using agile methodology, work with mobile and web development with emphasis on python and javascript technologies that I would like to specialize, always aiming at best practices for software development. I have no problem learning new technologies if needed. I strive to improve my knowledge for better results and to ensure the quality of the product. I always try to work as a team, with great satisfaction in teaching and learning any knowledge, helping to generate solutions for the company, meeting the objectives in the area in which it is assigned, also seeking professional development. I am proactive, communicative, focused and punctual, I adapt to different routines and face any challenge as a great opportunity to develop my knowledge and always achieve positive results, I seek to understand what I did wrong and what I can improve, I look for a company that Allow for my intellectual and technical growth, so I can contribute to it for a long time as we grow together. Portfolio: Github:

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Livre Energy Tech Full-time
May 2021 - Oct 2021 (5 months)
Tech Lider
Company responsible for connecting electricity generators, traders and consumers in the free energy market through a platform.
python3 django postgresql pwa ReactJS javascript aws docker docker compose kubernetes
Zapay Pagamentos Full-time
Jan 2019 - Oct 2021 (2 years 9 months)
Software Engineer
Zapay is a Fintech that enables the settlement of debts and taxes through the use of credit card in installments up to 12X. In addition, the company also has customized payment and penalty management solutions for the automotive sector, which already covers 84% of the national fleet.
python3 Django javascript ReactJS postgresql aws docker docker compose
ITRAC - Information Technology - Research and Application Center
Feb 2018 - Dec 2018 (10 months)
Brasília, DF
Full-stack Developer Leader
Development of a tool to cost government services before and after digital transformation to Ministry of planning using technologies like Spring Boot and Angular 6 and worked in the area devops for some time creating the pipeline of continuous integration of software.
Angular devops spring docker docker compose mysql

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Feb 2021 - Present
VWApp is a personal platform for managing online tasks, eg storing summaries and mind maps via wiki, household account management, expense management, investment portfolio management and so on. This platform is initially being developed for personal use but will soon be made available to the public.
PGTBL - Plataforma de Gerenciamento de Team Based Learning
Sep 2017 - Jun 2019
PGTBL is a platform to manage and apply the team-based learning methodology or TBL, which is a collaborative learning teaching strategy that focuses on a three-step cycle: preparation, class evaluation and small project focused on application.
SMARTWAY - Application for the visually impaired.
Apr 2019 - Jun 2019
Aplicação inteligente acoplada a uma bengala com detecção de faixa de pedestres usando redes neurais convolucionais e muito mais...

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Universidade de Brasília
Bachelor of Engineering, Software Engineering
Jan 2014 - Jan 2019
Software Engineering is an area of Computer Science that seeks to structure in a rational and scientific way, through the use of mathematical models, the specification, development and maintenance of software systems applying technologies and methods of Computer Science, Project Management, Engineering and other fields of knowledge.
CMB - Military School of Brasilia
Elementary and high school
Jan 2004 - Jan 2011
The Military School of Brasília aims at Basic Education in Elementary and high school, given to the children of the military of the three Armed Forces and Auxiliary Forces, as well as students coming from the civilian environment who enter through a Public Tender held annually.
Udemy e Alura
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