Denys Havrysh
Poltava, Ukraine

Cloud Architect and DevOps engineer. 15 yeas in IT, 9 years in software development, 7 years in DevOps role. Experienced in AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, Docker, SaltStack, Jenkins, Python, Bash, Debian GNU/Linux. Skilled in Cloud Native Computing, highly available systems, database management, monitoring and performance optimization, CI/CD for Java/Spring Boot and JavaScript applications, release engineering, automation and configuration management, security hardening, advanced Cloud networking.

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Quant Technologies
Oct 2019 - Oct 2021 (2 years)
Cloud Architect
Rolled out applications from legacy systems into scalable and resilient production
environment in Kubernetes on AWS by utilizing VPC, IAM, EC2, ECR, EKS, NLB, Aurora RDS, SES, Route53.
Implemented automation and performance testing infrastructure for entire application stack with IaaC approach.
Leveraged Docker, Terraform, eksctl, Kustomize, Helm/helmfile, NGINX Ingress. Created comprehensive monitoring with Kube Prometheus Stack, centralized logging with ElasticSearch, filebeat, Kibana.
Improved CI/CD pipelines in Jenkins for Java Spring Boot and NodeJS applications, automated deployments of releases and feature branches.
Provisioned and optimized PostgreSQL databases, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, optimized and secured data access.
Written detailed documentation and made diagrams.
Did on-boarding for new team members.
aws terraform kubernetes docker docker compose nginx rabbitmq elasticsearch postgresql linux prometheus jenkins groovy grafana bash apache gradle npm
Nov 2015 - Oct 2019 (3 years 11 months)
Downtown Washington DC, United States
Senior DevOps Engineer
Managed Big Data clusters (Cloudera, HortonWorks, MapR), various relational
(PostgreSQL, MySQL, MemSQL) and noSQL databases (ElasticSearch, Apache Solr, MongoDB) in AWS.
Created SaltStack Formulas for application stack and middleware (OpenJDK, Hashicorp Consul, RabbitMQ) deployment.
Developed automation tools for managing AWS resources with Python: Boto3, Flask, requests, Hashicorp Packer, cloud-init.
Implemented elastic provisioning of development and testing infrastructure based on EC2 Spot Fleet Requests with Terraform and Slack bot (Errbot).
Coded build/test/packaging/deploy/release with Jenkins Declarative Pipeline and Groovy.
Cut AWS costs spending more than in a half.
Contributed to various Open Source projects in area of DevOps tooling and infrastructure management, including but not limited to: SaltStack, StackStorm.
aws terraform docker jenkins python docker compose apache bash linux scripting webserver cloud http ubuntu
Oct 2014 - Nov 2015 (1 year 1 month)
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
DevOps Engineer
Provisioned web infrastructure with SaltStack: Linux, iptables, Apache httpd, NGINX,
HAproxy, PHP-FPM, Memcached, MySQL, Percona, DNS, Exim mail, TLS.
Set up monitoring and logs collection using Graylog2.
Maintained monitoring tools: M/monit, Nagios. Automated various daily tasks with Python.
Integrated Varnish cache for high-traffic websites.
Utilized Docker (docker-compose) for local development and testing.
linux docker python apache nginx ubuntu scripting http bash webserver

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Zoomdata SaltStack formula
Dec 2016 - Oct 2019
Automate installation, configuration and running Zoomdata services with SaltStack.
linux devops python
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Poltava National Technical University, Ukraine
Master, Mathematics and Computer Science
Sep 2003 - Jul 2008

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