Waleed Hammam
Cairo, Egypt

A Software Engineer interested in developing software applications and tools with a great passion for Computer Science and new technologies. For the past two years, I have been developing cloud-based automation tools and applications GitHub: https://github.com/waleedhammam

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Codescalers Egypt Full-time
Apr 2019 - Nov 2021 (2 years 7 months)
Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Software Engineer
Working with the development team on developing and refactoring software systems using a variety of programming languages and open-source
frameworks to develop an SDK for TFGrid.
CodeScalers Internship
Jul 2016 - Aug 2016 (1 month)
Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Software Engineer Intern
Internship in the field of web and cloud development with a variety of technologies such as Python including Flask.
cloud Flask Python
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TFTA Trader
Jul 2020 - Present
A Trader bot is used to convert TFTA tokens to TFT (Threefold currencies) on Stellar network.
May 2020 - Present
Config management/Automation framework for system tools and some clients, for example SSH, Nginx, Redis, Git, Process, FileSystem, and many
more using (python, gevent, docker)
May 2020 - Present
Extension to JS-NG to include Threefold Grid SDK, Packages, and Threebot Server using (python, gevent, docker)

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Mansoura University
Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Systems and Control Engineering
Jan 2012 - Jan 2017
BSc, Computer Engineering and Control Systems Department.
Machine Learning
Feb 2017
Certificate of Achievement For ECPC 2015
Nov 2015
edX Honor Code Certificate for Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python
Aug 2015

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