Antal Ispánovity
Pecs, Hungary
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Mediso Medical Imaging Systems
Sep 2020 - Apr 2023 (2 years 7 months)
Software Developer
Developing and maintaining DICOM standard related software components.
c++ DICOM visual studio git cmake jira unit testing qt
Jan 2016 - Sep 2020 (4 years 8 months)
Software Developer
Participate in development, maintenance and design of a 3D visualization subsystem of a medical device.
Area of expertise: DICOM.
c++ DICOM visual studio unit testing
CAE-Engineering Ltd.
May 2011 - Jan 2016 (4 years 8 months)
Software developer
Developing, porting, migrating and maintaining a constructive simulation software:
- migrate the codebase from C to C++
- port from Motif to Qt4
- integrate code into internally developed framework and modernize internals
- extend application with new features
C++ qt boost linux git svn cmake c

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University of Szeged
Master's degree, Program designer mathematician
Jan 2004 - Jan 2009

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