Paweł Nieczuja-Ostrowski
Front-end Developer at Blue Media SA
Sopot, Poland

I'm a front-end developer with UX/UI skills. I have been working as a frontend developer for 4 years, and full-time for 2 years. At work, I focus especially on the issues of digital accessibility. I'am a person who wants to constantly develop, learn new technologies and work in an energetic team. See my profile: www.pawelnieczuja.com

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Blue Media SA
Mar 2021 - Present (3 years 4 months)
Sopot, Poland Current workspace
Currently Paweł Nieczuja-Ostrowski supports the Blue Media SA

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Front-end Developer
Front-end developing of on-line payments products.
VueJS vuex javascript scss figma Angular npm gulp responsive design jira gitlab
Fundacja Between.Pomiędzy
Mar 2020 - Dec 2020 (9 months)
Programista front-end
Design of two websites: Festival: Cosmopolis 2020 and Between: Edukacja.
gatsby scss javascript json GIM github npm git sass visual studio code responsive design figma ubuntu
Pomeranian University in Slupsk
Oct 2011 - Sep 2022 (10 years 11 months)
Słupsk, Poland
Assistant Professor
assistant professor
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Between Edukacja (website)
Sep 2020 - Oct 2020
In 2020 I made the website for the theatre and literature educational project of the Fundation Between.Pomiędzy.

I used the front-end technologies and tools, such as: Gatsby.js, SCSS, Git, GitHub, VSCode. I was also UX and UI designer of this website.
Research Institute for European Policy (website)
Jul 2019 - Oct 2019
The website of the international academic association. Created with: HTML5, SCSS/CSS, jQuery; using Git and Visual Studio Code, and BEM methodology. The layout with logo created by me.
XI Festival of Literature i Theatre Kosmopolis 2020 (website)
Apr 2020 - May 2020
Experimental online editing of the XI Festival of Literature and Theatre Kosmopolis 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic. UX and UI-design of the website, and development with: HTML5, SCSS/CSS, JavaScript, React; using Git and Visual Studio Code.

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University of Gdansk
Magister (Mgr), Politologia i nauki społeczne
Dec 1993 - Dec 1998
Web developer od podstaw w 15 dni
Dec 2018
Certyfikat ukończenia szkolenia UX Designer
Nov 2019
Certyfikat ukończenia szkolenia "JavaScript w 5 dni"
Jun 2019

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