Ruzsinszki Gábor
Voluntary lecturer at University of Szeged
Szeged, Hungary

Hi, My name is Gabor & like to work on interesting projects. I have 12+ years experience in C# development with strong WPF & .NET Core knowledge. Currently I'm a software architect.

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University of Szeged
9 years 1 month
Szeged, Csongrád Current workspace
Currently Ruzsinszki Gábor supports the University of Szeged

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Voluntary lecturer
Sep 2021 - Present (2 years 7 months)
Responsible for teaching an introductory course to modern .NET & C# feautres
Feb 2012 - Aug 2018 (6 years 6 months)
Lecturing courses for the Juhász Gyula Faculty of Education in the following topics:
* Electronics
* Information Security
* Computer networks
6 years 8 months
Szeged, Hungary Current workspace
Currently Ruzsinszki Gábor supports the evosoft

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Software Architect
Mar 2019 - Present (5 years 1 month)
wpf c# entity framework
Senior Software Engineer
Nov 2018 - Mar 2019 (4 months)
c# wpf entity framework
Software Engineer
Aug 2017 - Nov 2018 (1 year 3 months)
c# wpf entity framework
Jan 2017 - Aug 2017 (7 months)
Antwerp Area, Belgium
Software Engineer
Developing a specialized ERP system for the Antwerp World Diamond Centre in C# with WPF
c# wpf asp.net
Secure desktop application development in C#
Nov 2019
iSAQB® – International Software Architecture Qualification Board
Certified Professional for Software Architecture
Jul 2021

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