William Zeller
San Francisco, United States

I have a history of successful problem-solving across several fields. As a lawyer, I helped start my firm’s appellate practice group, handled important litigation for major corporate clients, and was asked to start a new firm in San Francisco. But in 2013, I decided to pursue my parallel interest in programming, working at a YC startup between 2014 and 2016 (MyVR), and founding my own health tech SAAS startup in 2016, which is still running profitably today. For this startup, I did all the programming, dev ops, copywriting, legal and regulatory tasks, and marketing, and was able to successfully transition from a profitable, bootstrapped company inside a medium-sized medical practice (with approximately 1000 user/patients) to our current role as a vendor for one of the top ten largest non-profit integrated health systems in the United States. Through all these different jobs, I’ve been able to quickly learn and integrate new knowledge and produce useful work products for a variety of clients and stakeholders. I’m confident that my unique fusion of skills – qualitative and quantitative, verbal and technical – can be valuable to many organizations.

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