Minh Anh Nguyen
Osaka, Japan

Looking for an opportunity to utilise my technical skills in a challenging working environment and become valuable assets to the organisation that I work for.

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Leon S.D (Osaka, Japan)
Mar 2020 - Aug 2021 (1 year 5 months)
Osaka, Japan
Software Engineer
- Work on smartphone app projects
- Develop IOS app using Swift
- Develop hybrid app using React Native
- Maintaining and implement new features for company's website
swift React Native aws wordpress
Otani U.P (Hanoi, Vietnam)
Jul 2019 - Feb 2020 (7 months)
Hanoi, Vietnam
Software Engineer
- Develop UI and new features for project "Flower Meister International". A flower e-commerce web app aims to connect vendors around the world with merchants around the world.
- Maintain and refactor project "FBiz". An internal storage management dashboard app of the company.
- MVP employee of 2019
VueJS vuetify scss php docker nginx postgresql
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ZingMp3 Clone
A music player clone of zingmp3.vn. A fully-featured music player to listen to all the songs on your device.
vue typescript howler tailwindcss nginx aws
Vue 3 Components
A showcase of my components built with Vue 3. Those are all extensible and customizable components including DataTable, DragDrop, Slider and more...
vue storybook
Discord Clone
A clone of the Discord web app. Implementing main features of the Discord app like chat with one another in real time, add friends, create channels, create share links to join a channel,...
vue vue-query pinia ExpressJS heroku socket.io

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FPT University
Bachelor of Software Engineering, GPA: 8.3/10. Degree classification: Very Good
Sep 2015 - Jun 2019
- Honor student for 8/9 semesters.
- Capstone Project achieved the highest score (9.5/10) in the Japanese Software Engineer major, Spring Semester 2019.
- Winner of FPT EDU BIZ TALENT 2018, with the theme "Sharing Economy".
Japan Foundation
Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N3
Jul 2019
Certificate Of Completion - Docker & Kubernetes: The Practical Guide
Mar 2021
Certificate of Completion - The Mastering Nuxt Course
Jun 2021

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