Sergey Zhukov
Software Architect Team Lead .NET Developer at Springs Tech
Novosibirsk, Russia
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Springs Tech
5 years 8 months
Novosibirsk, Russia Current workspace
Currently Sergey Zhukov supports the Springs Tech

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Software Architect Team Lead .NET Developer
Feb 2019 - Present (4 years 10 months)
* Build software development process in the company
* Hiring and technical leading developer team
* Architecture design, implementing project-critical parts of code.
* Build and provide core-development team for https://games.lol Android Emulator

We create software for launching android games on PC. This is complex project which requires: create ARM to x86 emulator and custom android operating system which allows to run the game on PC; create user-attractive gamestore software (looking similar to Steam) which allows to users select games, install it on PC and launch them; create gamestore server which can hold huge amount of connections (at the moment when I write it's 52K simultaneous connections).

My primal responsibilities is technical leading of the team which creates and supports gamestore server and desktop client. Game server should support high load and currently it handles up to 250M requests per day. This is done using .NET Core/Linux/Postgres/Redis/Docker technologies and hosted in AWS cloud. Cross-Platform Gamestore client is written using .NET5 + React with strong business requirements to be visually attractive with good UX, and I'm looking straight that implemented features are fit into these requirements.

You can look at the product we created on https://games.lol
Technical Fellow
Mar 2018 - Mar 2020 (2 years)
Development of android emulator software for playing games on PC/Mac

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