Stephan Zimmer
Stockholm, Sweden

Data enthusiast. Enabling companies to unlock their full potential by harnessing data and automating the unnecessary things. Eye for pesky details but view for big picture. Ability to communicate clearly both horizontally in teams and cross-functionally without losing audience in technical jargon.

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Blackhole Consulting AB
Aug 2021 - Jul 2022 (11 months)
Founder & CEO
Helping companies to unlock their hidden potential using data and analytics - one step at a time.
python aws gcp
Best Western Scandinavia
Mar 2019 - Jul 2022 (3 years 4 months)
Sundbyberg, Stockholm County
Manager Enterprise Analytics & Automation
The goal: transforming one of Scandinavias largest hotel groups into a data-driven business. The means: optimizing process flows, building data aggregation pipelines and BI tools using my background and experience as researcher.
google cloud python sql data analytics Amazon QuickSight aws microservices microsoft power automate
Leopold-Franzens Universität Innsbruck
Jan 2018 - Oct 2018 (9 months)
Innsbruck, Austria
Consultant & Scientist
Consultant in HPC acquisition totaling 190k EUR in order to facilitate the transition of a traditional grid compute environment into a scientific cloud

Studies of high energy phenomena in clusters of galaxies
python data analysis c++ open stack ansible docker

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Development of an interface to distributed computing resources to astrophysics data processing pipeline
Mar 2011 - Jun 2014
Development, commissioning and deployment of an interface extending the existing data processing pipeline of Fermi-LAT to distributed computing (GRID) services

paper detailing the implementation: http://iopscience.iop.org/1742-6596/396/3/032121/
DIRAC extension: https://github.com/Glast/GlastDIRAC
Development of Workflow framework for DAMPE remote computing & accounting
Feb 2016 - Feb 2016
Given the need for large MC simulations, this project grew out of a 'minimum-effort' basis providing a minimalistic framework for remote computing (on various computing clusters) and accounting, based on flask/mongodb. While specific to simulation purposes the implementation is for any generic task & taskInstance (identical in setup with minor modifications).
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Stockholm University
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Physics, High-energy Astroparticle Physics
Dec 2009 - Dec 2014
Studies of Clusters of Galaxies with the Fermi Large Area Space Telescope, Cosmic Rays and Dark Matter
Uppsala universitet
M. Sc., Physics
Dec 2007 - Dec 2009
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
B. Sc., Physics
Dec 2004 - Dec 2007
Cloud Engineering with Google Cloud Specialization
Jul 2020

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