Zsombor Joel Gyurkovics
Software Developer at Lufthansa Systems Hungária
Budapest, Hungary

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Lufthansa Systems Hungária
Nov 2021 - Present (1 year 7 months)
Budapest, Hungary Current workspace
Currently Zsombor Joel Gyurkovics supports the Lufthansa Systems Hungária

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Software Developer
{ Aviation }
[ Java 17, Typescript 4, Spring Framework 5, React 17, Material UI, Azure, Blob storage, Kubernetes, Docker, Jira, Azure DevOps (Git + CI/CD), MariaDB, Liquibase, JMS, Mapstruct, Swagger, H2 (testing), Grafana]
● Mainly - Agile Software Engineering
● New cloud native architecture development
● UI component implementation
● Azure AD login (Oauth2) implementation both backend and frontend side
● Performance improvements
● Unit testing / Mocking (JUnit 5 / Mockito)
● Integration Testing (Controller level with H2)
● POC creation (Spring Content, Spring Batch, React Query, etc...)
● Implementing automated deployment pipeline (DEV, QA, PROD)
● Breaking up user stories
● Coaching developers
● Documentation creation
● Application Demo presentation
● Project code repositories management
spring ReactJS kubernetes gradle azure mariadb typescript docker ci/cd azure devops mockito hibernate spring data jpa spring data spring security
Starschema Ltd
Apr 2019 - Nov 2021 (2 years 7 months)
Data Engineer
{ Transportation }
[ Java 8, Python 3, Spring Boot, Kafka Streams DSL, AWS, S3, Kubernetes, Docker, Confluent Kafka, Elasticsearch, CA Rally, GitLab (CI/CD), AVRO, RocksDB, PostgreSql, APIs, EDI / XML and other flat files, SonarQube, Datadog ]
● Mainly - Agile Software Engineering and Data Engineering in Java
● New cloud native microservice architecture development / desing (pure Java based - event driven Kafka Streams codebase in Spring ecosystem)
● Module development (Based on Kafka and AVRO format) - REST API, Monitoring, Reporting, Dead Letter Queue handling, Business logic handling.
● Unit testing / Mocking (JUnit / Mockito)
● Integration Testing (Kafka test utils)
● Business Analysis
● Data pipeline maintenance and administration
● Automation
● Code Release (DEV, PREPROD, PROD)
● Coaching developers
● Documentation creation
kafka spring kubernetes PostgreSQL Python junit mockito maven spring boot aws gitlab ci/cd docker elasticsearch java
Jun 2018 - Mar 2019 (9 months)
Budapest, Hungary
BI Developer
{ Banking }
[ SQL, Bash scripting, IBM DataStage, IBM DB2, Linux, Jira, Confluence, SVN ]
● Mainly - Agile ETL development in IBM Datastage and IBM DB2 with SQL
● Maintenance and administration of a Datastage Framework which runs the daily loading
● ETL Framework related automation
● Riporting and dashboarding for the client IT management
● Framework related documentation creation
ibm db2 ibm datastage linux bash sql

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Big Data studying
Dec 2018 - Oct 2022
Learning the new world of big data through most popular technologies such as Hadoop, Kafka, Spark, Sqoop, Hbase and Cassandra, Elasticsearch
null null
Codewars / LeetCode coding challenges
Apr 2019 - Jan 2020
I was challenging myself with small but complex programing problems/algorithms to able to solve every upcoming challenges I will face. (Currently in Java)
SuperStore database
Nov 2017 - May 2018
● Data modelling
● Normalization
● Csv file integration with SSIS
● Creating Triggers
● Creating Stored Procedures
● Masking sensitive data
● Visualizing Data in PowerBI

[SSIS, SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition, T-SQL, PowerBI, Visio]
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Budapest Business School
Bachelor’s Degree, International Relations and Affairs
Dec 2012 - Dec 2015
International Organizations, Statistics, International law, Economics, Political science

Thesis: Sustainability of the Hungarian pension system
Certificate, Business Informatics
Dec 2015 - Dec 2017
Database building, Network configuration, Software Development, Project Management, Statistics, Accounting

Thesis: A SuperStore database
MongoDB Aggregation Framework
Apr 2018
MongoDB Basics
Mar 2018
React with Typescript
Oct 2022

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